This Best Selling Training Will Show You How To Start Your Own Business That Helps Others & Makes Great Money

What it is:

Step Up & Lead Now is an audio training that teaches you how to create a new business that helps others with your knowledge and life-experiences and makes great money. If you have lots of great ideas about what you want to do, this powerful training will help you filter through them and decide what's best, and then give you the exact steps to start generating income and clients right away.

Ultimately, this program will help you build a multi-six figure online business that generates consistent income & impact.

This Solves for You:

  • Being stuck in "idea land" with no clarity about how to really get your business off the ground.
  • Feeling like what you want to do is not something people will actually pay for.
  • Not seeing how to talk about what you do in a way people get excited about
  • Procrastinating doing what you're here to do because you don't know what steps to take first
  • Doubting whether you have what it takes to build a successful business.

What You'll Learn Inside This Training

Module 1: How To Translate Your Story Into A Successful Business

You'll see why your existing knowledge and life-experience is all you need to create a thriving business. Plus I'll show you exactly why people will pay you to teach them as long as you position yourself in the right way.

Module 2: How To Create Products & Services That Help Others

You'll see exactly how to develop new offerings like 1:1 packages and services using your existing knowledge that you can begin generating income for you immediately.

Module 3: How To Only Work With People You Love

You'll discover powerful yet simple ways to position yourself so that the only people who come to you for help can afford it, are easy to work with, and get amazing results.

Module 4: How To Market Yourself By Sharing Your Story

One of the most powerful ways of attracting people to you is by sharing your personal story. You'll see how to do that in a way that's compelling, authority building, and extremely compelling.

Module 5: How To Create A Healthy, Abundant Relationship with Money

When you're just starting out, it can feel like a big hurdle to accept money for your services. This powerful techniques will get you into a state of mind where money flows in effortlessly and you feel great about it.

Module 6: How To Design Your Business Around Your Life

Did you know that you can design your business any way you like? Instead of it sucking away time and energy, it can give you tremendous freedom. I'll show you how...

PLUS Receive These
Valuable Extra Bonuses:

The Step Up & Lead Now Teleseminar

A private 4-part teleseminar series where you get crystal clear on how to start generating money quickly using your knowledge & life-experiences.

Instant Access To The Big Vision Insider Social Network

Over 1,000 big vision entrepreneurs to network with, do partnership with, get feedback around your programs, and make new aligned friends.

The Results
Speak Loud & Clear

"This was one of the best investments I have ever made!" Not only do I have a clear path forward but I'm also going to make such a greater impact on the world doing what I love. Thank you Max!!"

Jill Williams

"You opened me to the possibilities of what I am capable of in life, business, and spiritual achievement. My self worth is higher and I'm super inspired to grow my business and evolve my life"

George Whittam

"Since learning Max's strategies, I have generated over $36,000 in new business in just the first few months. The real gold is that Max showed me how to find my perfect clients and now, I'm doing the same amount of work but making a whole lot more!!"

Russell Feingold

"I have picked up about 16 new clients that has generated for me a total of $22,500. I have never created that much money that fast...and that effortlessly! You have helped me to realize my true value, and discover important skills and tools to communicate the power of my offering in a way that truly captivates people. I have no words to describe how much I appreciate everything you have taught me. Your coaching has been one of the most important keys to my success, prosperity, and happiness."

Julia Mikk

Your Investment:

List Price: $497
You Save: $370
Your Price: $127

How It Works

Once you complete your registration, you'll receive:

  • Instant access to the entire interactive online training.
  • Ability to download the videos, audios, and swipe files to enjoy forever
  • Access to all the bonuses
  • You'll be able to get started the moment you complete your registration.

Final Words of Wisdom:

Imagine being on stage speaking to large audiences. Imagine getting paid to help other people with your gifts. Imagine feeling like you are really contributing and making a positive difference in the world.

This reality is available to you, and this training is the perfect next step for you to take to manifest it.

You can keep hoping & waiting for a magical shift, or you can take responsibility for making it happen now.

This is the roadmap to go from un-clear and un-focused, to knowing exactly what you're up to and why it matters. You can do this. Let's go...